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Hozifa Tajalsir

Creative Designer

I’m a creative designer with more than seven years of experience in the MENA region especially the UAE market, an excellent communicator, a strategically forward-thinking professional and a solution-oriented expert.

Worked in diverse and complex fields such as creative agencies, fintech, logistics, real estate, food & beverage …etc


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PolyTrade is Specialized in Producing, processing and exporting of High-Quality raw materials, Crops, Spice and considered a pioneer leader in the agricultural sector and food industry in Sudan, with representatives all around the country and world-wide. Polytrade Is an Extension of a Thirty-Year Legacy, Referring from It is Experience And Success In The Global & Local Market.


The client, who owns Polytrade Global Crops Exporting Company, is facing a problem of outdated branding. The current branding is not aligned with the company’s vision and mission, and it does not reflect the quality of their products and services. The client needs a rebranding strategy to update their image and improve their market position. They need a new logo, website, and marketing materials that will accurately represent their business and attract new customers. The client wants to establish a strong brand identity that will differentiate them from their competitors and help them stand out in the market.

Dkhoun and More

A famous native UAE incense and perfumes brand based in Abu Dhabi. The Brand is well known for its unique flavours and their quality